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About Multiline Technologies

Multiline Technologies is a cutting edge solutions provider in the world of smart Home automation systems(Ingneium) – Architectural lighting and Central cleaning system. Being a highly reputed provider smart home homesolutions, we focus on providing highly reliable and flexible automation consulting solutions that can cater to your specific home or business needs. We understand that as someone who is getting automation systems for the first time, you might require some help in selecting the best systems and we can certainly help you with your selection process. With our help, you can easily pick the most effective office and home automation services for your needs.
We regularly work with real estate industry specialists, builders, remodelers, homeowners and commercial businesses and provide them with different types of technological solutions that can help them to save energy, increase building security, manage repetitive tasks, control ambient temperature of a room and perform a wide range of other tasks with ease. We believe in making the best use of electronic systems and modern technology and due to this reason we come up with state of the art products that can cater to the needs of our customers. Our insistence on quality has made us the best home automation company.
By installing wired /wireless home automation systems, you can very easily improve all the different facets of your life and enjoy greater comfort and convenience. Whether it is smart lighting that you are looking for, remote controlled A/C and TV regulation or superior security options, we can certainly get that for you. We are a trusted home automation company that specializes in bringing robust automation systems to the table. With our products, you can certainly transform the way your home or office works. Our high quality products have time and again satisfied the needs of our clients in the best possible way.

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